Business Planning and Strategy to ensure your projects succeed every time

Our Services

Bridge Project Solutions specialize in safe, reliable and thoroughly tested construction methods to ensure your project meets with industry safety standards and maximizes your return on investment.

Our focus on safety includes establishing / implementing safe systems of work, ensuring obligations of PCBU are met.

We thoroughly oversee the planning and implementation of projects to ensure they meet statutory standards and are set to succeed from the beginning.

Our services include:

  • Project initiation (definition, scoping, planning, development, driving initiatives, business case and studies through approval gates)
  • Execution strategy development
  • Formal or informal auditing and / or tollgate reviews
  • Identify issues and correct problematic projects
  • Managing contractor performance (design and construction), and contract management
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Stakeholder management
  • Constructability (including ‘CHAIR’) and risk reviews
  • ‘Brownfield’ – managing and integrating the critical interfaces and stakeholders
  • Project engineering, mechanical drafting and site contractor co-ordination
  • Portfolio management – selecting the ‘right projects’
  • Project management – managing the ‘project right’

The Bridge Project Solutions Difference


Common Problems

  • Poor project scoping / definition
  • Leads to;
    • Inaccurate / poor estimates
    • Variations / cost blowouts
    • Likely late delivery
    • Client / contractor tension
  • Resulting in;
    • Client needs not met
    • Inefficient use of Capital
    • Shareholder wealth destruction

The Bridge Solution

  • Define customers objectives
  • Sufficient scoping and definition
  • Defined WBS and aligned to;
    • Scope
    • Cost Est. / project budget
    • Schedule and Risk items
  • Results in;
    • Accurate estimating
    • Effective budget control
    • Better planning & execution
    • Efficient use of Capital

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