Sector Experience

Experienced in areas to ensure project benefits realisation

BPS is highly skilled and experienced in a range of industry sectors, as outlined below.

Energy | Power + Gas

Our team of professionals have direct experience safely and successfully delivering multiple gas fired power stations and gas infrastructure projects, both here in Australia and globally.
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Our team of professionals are highly suited to Defence Sector work such as base facility upgrades, fuel storage installation and major equipment procurement programs.
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Fuel Storage

We provide expert guidance on risk assessment and compliance against relevant dangerous goods codes, AS1940 – storage of flammable and combustible liquids, state environmental planning policies (SEPP), local government development control plans, and driving development application discussions and approval on behalf of our clients.
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Light Rail

In Light Rail, our experience includes designing and implementing scaled project delivery frameworks, developing multi year Track Renewal Occupation schedules and provision of various project team roles.
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Our mining experience includes project delivery performance evaluation and recommendations, and the management of major, sustaining, minor capital and operational expenditure programs in the gold, iron ore and coal industry sectors.
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Local Government

We provide project management professionals to deliver local government projects such as for example solar PV, swimming pool plant room and heating, and building HVAC upgrades.
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In the Renewable sector, our experience includes project and stakeholder management of the clients solar PV program rollout, typically on public buildings during ongoing live operations.
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