Local Government

Work with local government sustaining and minor project subject matter experts

We provide project management professionals to deliver local government projects such as for example solar PV, swimming pool plant room and heating, and building HVAC upgrades.

What we do.

BPS assists its local government clients with the project delivery of sustaining and minor capital expenditure and assist with community facility and asset upgrades. BPS are industry renowned sustaining and minor capital and operational expenditure project delivery experts.

Our Services and Deliverables

BPS is a local government experienced deliverer of sustaining, minor and asset upgrade project and our services include the following:

Supply of sector experienced project team members, including project managers, planner / schedulers, project engineers
Project management and oversight of the ‘whole of project lifecycle’
Examples of projects delivered in the local government sector include: performing arts centre HVAC upgrades, several swimming pool heating and plant room water treatment upgrades, several solar PV installations, pool refurbishments and athletic track resurfacing

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Project Services

Work with a team with years of experience behind them.
Work with a team with years of experience behind them.

The BPS team has directly project managed 70+ local government sustaining and asset upgrade projects.

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